name:  Ramσn Sehling
job:      IT Software Support for KFO and Analysis Software, Network-, Computer and Notebook Engineer

cont@ct me

my attitude to life: `simple is sometimes better΄ (don't give computers a chance)

my hobbies:
• my favorite is Astronomy

cart racing:
Cart Arena Ypsilonka, Cheb (Czech Republic)

volcano trips:
• Mt. Rainer Washington State (USA) on 2000, September and 2010 May;
• Mt. St. Helens Washington State (USA) on 2000 in September and 2010 in May;
• Crater Lake (Mt. Mazama) Oregon (USA) on 2000 in September and 2010 in May;
• Mt. Shasta California (USA) on 2000 in September;
• Lassen Volcano Park California (USA) on 2000 in September;
• Ubehebe Crater Death Valley - Nevada (USA) on 2000 in October;
• Picσ del Teide Tenerife (canary Island-Spain) on 2004 in October; on 2005, 2012 and 2014 in September;
  on 2015 in October 08; on 2016 in October and in November; on 2017 in September, on 2019 in May and June
• Etna / Sicily isleVolcano / isle Stromboli -Italy on 2006, September;
• ICELAND on 2007 in September and 2011 in September;
  (Krafla-, Hekla-, Myvatn-, Hverfell Saxhσll and Snaeffelsness volcano)

panoramic photography: • on all my trips

mountain biking : Bulls Bike with Magura brakes - (special construct for me)
alpine skiing : in vogtland / in Czech Republic / in austria and south tirol
motorsport : i like the Formula One, Indycar, NASCAR, DTM, WTCR(WTCC) and MotoGP

• In eternal Memory of Carl Sagan

• In eternal Memory of Ayrton Senna da Silva

• In eternal Memory of Andreas Nikolaus Lauda (Niki Lauda) - born 22 February 1949; † 20 May 2019

• In eternal Memory of the Space Shuttle Columbia crew

• In eternal Memory of Carlo Pedersoli (Bud Spencer) born 31 October 1929; † 27 June 2016
   (Thank you for your funny films that have accompanied me all my life.)

• In eternal Memory of Stephen William Hawking
   born 8th January 1942 in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England; † 14th March 2018 in Cambridge, England

• In eternal Memory of Sigmund Jaehn (first german Cosmonaut)
   born 13. Februar 1937 in Morgenroethe-Rautenkranz, Vogtland; † 21. September 2019 in Strausberg

• an era of astronomy is ended - the Arecibo Telescope collapse in November / December 2020 on Wiki
• an era of astronomy is ended - the Arecibo Telescope collapse in November / December 2020 in Internet


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