my recorded Sun Images (click here)

used Telescopes:
GSO 10 inch Newton / F5 with Baader solar foil filter(ND5), mounted on a EQ6 (SynScan Upgrade Kit - Ver.3.39.05)
Meade ETX70AT with Baader solar foil filter (ND5)
GSO 8 inch RC /F8 with Baader solar foil filter (ND5)
LUNT LS 80 THA B 1800 H-ALPHA Telescope / F7

used cameras:
philips ToUCamProII 840K
CANON EOS1100D 12.5 Mpxl
ASI ZWO 120MC (solar system captures)
ASI ZWO 120MM (solar system captures)

the current sun - SOHO on NASA SUN Live View


the current sun (on SDO -NASA)