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the Mars 2005
the venus transit on 2005, June 8

comet holmes on 2007, November

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on NASA:
certificate of Deep Impact Discovery Mission to Comet Tempel 1
certificate of Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

astronomy paper: INTERSTELLARUM
observation description of Messier 57 - INTERSTELLARUM No.47, page 27

on 2009, February "Freie Presse" newspaper made an
- interview over kfo48 the original as pdf and correct version as pdf

- the original article you can read on newspaper "freie presse"

on APM Telescopes homepage
my kfo48 observatory

on - since 2010, August
my kfo48 observatory movies on  

my jupiter impact picture on
my sun picture on

my sun picture on

on 2010, September 13 - publication of my jupiter picture on
my jupiter picture on
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on 2011, January - publication of my Observatory- and Tour photos on google Earth
my photos on Google earth / Panoramio

on 2018, December - publication of my photos on Google Album Archive
my photos on Google

- on 2014, January 30 - my M82 SN2014J Image on
- on 2014, February 03 - my M82 SN2014J Image on
- on 2014, February 10 - my M99 SN2014L Image on
- on 2014, February 1 - my M82 SN2014J Image on