my favorite Astronomy Links

     Observatory Links

     SOHO on NASA SUN Live View
     SDO on NASA SUN Live View
     STEREO website on NASA Sun View
     H Alpha Network Monitor Sun Views world wide
     Sun Helioviewer Sun Views in all spectrums
     VDS-Sonne Information about the sun
     The sun side of Harald Paleske
     Solar Photography by Jim Ferreira
     The sunobservatory of Christoph Otawa
     observe solar structures (Baader Planetarium)
     NORDIC Telescope on La Palma Live View
     SONG Telescope on Tenerife HOME
     SONG Telescope Webcams on Tenerife Live View
     Robotic Solar Observation Telescope in Swiss (Uecht) Live View
     Bradford Robotic Telescope on Tenerife Live View
     6m Telescope (BTA-6) Selentschuk Observatory (north Caucasus Russia) Live View
     6m Telescope (BTA-6) Selentschuk Observatory Live Views (for Firefox)
     6m Telescope (BTA-6) Selentschuk Observatory Live Views (for IE)
     ISS Schedule Live View Tracker
     ISS Live View on Earth
     NASA TV Live View
     NASA - Photojournal Jet Propulsion Laboratory
     ESO - the Extreme Large Telescope (ELT)

     Astrophotography and observation Links

     Astrophotography Thierry Legault
     Astrophotography Ken Crawford Rancho del Sol Observatory (California, USA)
     Astrophotography Rob Gendler (Connecticut, USA)
     Astrophotography Torsten Grossmann (Germany)
     Astrophotography Volker Schmidt (Germany)
     Astrophotography Info
     Samford Valley Observatory (Australia)
     Slooh Community Observatory (Australia, Canary Island, Hawaii)
     Faint-Fuzzies (many Information about faintest Objects)
     Uwe Glahn - (many Information about faintest Objects)
     Fleming (many good Informations)

     ALPO - Association of Lunar & Planetary Observers
     ALPO-Japan Latest Mercury
     ALPO-Japan Latest Venus
     ALPO-Japan Latest Mars
     ALPO-Japan Latest Jupiter
     ALPO-Japan Latest Saturn
     ALPO-Japan Latest Uranus
     ALPO-Japan Latest Neptun
     ALPO-Japan Latest Pluto

     Comets and News

     comets current
     section comets in the VdS
     kometarium - currently visible comets
     Astronomy News

     AAVSO - American Association of Variable Star Observers

     Space Missions Links

     Pioneer10 / 11 information
     Pioneer10 / 11 information (Wikipedia)
     Pioneer10 / 11 information on NASA
     Voyager Home Page - Jet Propulsion Laboratory on NASA
     Cassini Solstice Mission on NASA
     Mission to Pluto New Horizons on NASA
     Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity on NASA
     Mars Science Laboratory Mars Home on NASA
     Mars Exploration Rover Mission: Home Mars Home on NASA
     Hubble Space Telescope on NASA

     Weather Information Links

     Kachelmann Weather Information
     Meteosat Weather Information