the kleinfriesen observatory 48 inventory

last update on 2023, April 8th

main instruments:

• 1 GSO880 10inch Newton F/5
• 1 GSO 8inch F/8 (1624 mm) RC Ritchey-Chrιtien-Teleskop with carbontube
• 1 Lunt LS80/560 H-Alpha (since 2018, April 19th)
• 1 EQ 6 Mount with Synscan expansion (since 2011, May)
• 1 Meade ETX70AT Refractor
• 1 60/800 Tasco Refractor
• 1 50/540 Carl Zeiss Jena • a do it yourself Refractor
• 1 4x eyepiece revolver from CARL Zeiss Jena
• 1 collimation laser from TS
• 1 10x50 binocular
• various eyepieces from Carl Zeiss Jena, TS, Meade and APM (Lunt)
• various filter (moon / sun (10nch, 8inch), solar continuum / nebulae)
  from TS, Astroshop and APM Telescopes

• 1 TouCamProII 840K with sc1 modification
• 1 Canon Power Shot S3 IS with canon programming
• 1 Canon 1100D since 2012
  (crashed during sun observation on 2022 September 3rd)
• 1 Canon 1100D since 2022, September 5th
• 1 Canon 1100D since 2023, February
• 1 ASI ZWO 120 MC (since 2017, July)
• 1 ASI ZWO 120 MM (since 2018, September 27th)
• 1 ASI ZWO 120 MM mini (since 2019, January 27th)
• 1 ASI ZWO 178 MM (since 2022, August 9th)
• 1 ASI ZWO 178 MC (since 2023, April 5th)

technical data of kleinfriesen observatory 48:

• 80 cm foundation on frost protection,
  pressed with heavy vibratory plate
• insulated on that approx. 28 cm thick concrete (B25)
  base dry of approx. 5 weeks
• 7 x painted with grey concrete color
• M8 Screw joint of the observatory external walls
• M16 Screw joint of the telescope column
• Weight of the GFK observatory (total) approx. 230Kg
  according to manufacturer

data of telescope column:

Steel sheet 4cm x 30cm x 30cm as a bottom cover
with 8 holes x 18mm diameter for fixing the base
The column itself has aprrox. 2 cm wall
and rolled steel with 125 cm is length above
components became 2 welding seam at 115 A
electrical with electrodes 2,5mm welded.
15 cm steel flange with connections to EQ6 Mount
and rejuvenation turned for the column in that 3x 19
screw thread let in for the screw joint to EQ6 Mount
and column on all components above.
All screws with color Hammerit became a matt way
black. Takes approx. 2 weeks to be hardened on
the column. The power cable inlet is
(3x1,5 mm² underground cable) filled up
the column with approx. 1 bag game sand,
in order to get still more stability
on 2007 september 16th, i inserted a
10 ic coin (ten icelandic crown) on the sand
at the inside of the column.
The entire weight of the column and telescope is
approx. 180 kg, according to configuration level!

telescope data

• 1 GSO 880 10inch Newton (14Kg) on EQ6 Mount with
  17,5Kg counterweights

an advice for the best picture quality:

• self built main mirror cooling internal above the main mirror,
  and external at the main mirror;

• 1 viewfinder 8x50mm

current main instruments (parallel mounted) since April 2018

• 1 GSO 8inch RC 8 / F/8 (~ 7,5 Kg)
• 1 Lunt LS80THA/B1800 CPT ( ~ 4KG)
• 2 viewfinder 8x50mm
• both Telescopes mounted on EQ6 Mount with
  12,5Kg counterweights

GSO880 with 60/800 Refractor mounted on EQ6 in 2,3m Home Sirius Dome

GSO8 RC 8 with 80/560 LS80 Refractor mounted on EQ6 in 2,3m Home Sirius Dome



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